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What is PDR?

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is an advanced technological process for minor dent removals

The PDR technique itself offers huge benefits over the more traditional body shop process because: Repairs are carried out on the spot while you wait.

Typically one panel can be repaired in less than 45 minutes. The process is clean and quick. It involves no spraying or fillers.

Because there is no paint or fillers the problem of colour matching does not arise. The repair is invisible.

It is a much cheaper process.

PDR can be used to remove dents from both steel and aluminum panels.

Any Other works that can't be done by PDR can still be carried out at our Autobody workshop. This may include any dent where the paintwork has been cracked or broken,where there is major structural damage to the vehicle or where it is impossible to gain access to the rear of the panel.

What are SMART Repairs?

SMART stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques.

This is a process that has been developed by Industry Experts to offer a quicker more convenient alternative to repairing vehicle damage which also avoids more costly conventional bodyshop repairs.

Stone Chip - Chips and marks to paintwork from flying stones and debris are unavoidable and expensive,in terms of devaluing your vehicle.

However this damage can easily be rectified,if caught early enough, through our advanced SMART techniques at a fraction of the cost of a traditional body shop repair process.

Scratches - Scrapes and scratches to your vehicle's bodywork can drastically reduce its value, but these can also be simply and cheaply removed using SMART technology.

Bumper Scuffs - Scuffed and damaged plastic bumpers,mirror casings and coloured trim would normally have to be replaced. Our advanced SMART repairs allow instant, on the spot, remedial work without costly parts replacement.

Alloy Wheels - Impact or Kerb damage and Corrosion to Alloy Wheels can really detract from a car's appearance and value. We can quickly and cheaply repair and refurbish your wheels to a very high quality finish.

Interiors - Holes from mobile phone or other in-car accessories can be repaired to an almost 'as new' standard. Our SMART techniques can also provide near invisible repairs to upholstery damage, such as rips, tears or cigarette burns.